Maypole in midsummer

Midsummer – Midsummer / AND May 1st (May 1st) The ribbons represent the flag – this is Swedish – the 2 wreaths hang on the T-shaped pole – with grapevines wrapped around everything – a ribbon is wrapped to music with folk in traditional costumes from their regions.

This mini wreath decoration requires only a few supplies: yarn. Tape. And a bathroom decor? Shower curtain rings make this ornament an inexpensive and easy DIY holiday project. Katie Brown from Smile Like You Mean It grabbed a pack of cheap curtain rings and refined them with colorful yarn and a little creativity.

Wine cork and burlap ribbon wreath

I've been a little obsessed with making wreaths lately. I've done all of this in the past few months (and many more!), Which I …

Check out this article in my Etsy shop at / …

Halloween Ribbon Wreath … so simple and cute!

There is only one wrong thing to do a tutorial on Christmas decorations in September – my privet hedge had to stand for a real Christmas …

Happy New Year 2014 ONLY: 14 "felt and ribbon wreath on Etsy, $ 54.00

Outdoor Easter decoration – 30 ideas for a special holiday #special #an #free #ideas #osterdeko

Brown velvet ribbon (which looks green in this picture) for Thanksgiving. (PSA: Trader Joe's box wreaths are in !!) #nineandsixteenhome


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