Easter decoration

Emu egg – Mrs Greenery The special HIGHLIGHT for your Easter decoration! With the large emu egg, you can turn any decoration into a great eye-catcher! The egg is dark blue and has different white speckles. Size: approx. 16 cm The egg is blown out, emptied and cleaned. Have fun decorating.

wide mesh ribbon wreath | … version of the autumn wreath with different ribbon and embellishments

Free Easy Holiday Crafts Including Halloween Crafts, Christmas Crafts, Easter Crafts, Fourth of July Crafts and More from AllFreeHolidayCra …

Spray old, used, ugly rubber boots with paint and make it a spring decorative piece in the outdoor area! Tulips create a great flower vase that looks great on your doorstep, in the front yard or on the covered terrace. Need for replication!

Making a simple bow for a burlap ribbon wreath


Learn to make my signature funky bow which is perfect for using leftover ribbon scraps and you only need a few supplies. So grab your favorite fall ribbon. #bowmaking #ribbon #diy #wreathbow

Want to learn how to make a Ribbon Sculpture Christmas Wreath? CLICK HERE to learn and also buy a kit to make it yourself.

attached a few bells and some ornaments to pieces of ribbon cut at varying lengths; sew a button at the top to hold all the ribbon together; hot glue it to a picture frame. Inside the picture frame inserted some pretty Christmas scrapbook paper.

Craft-O-Maniac: GiRlY Girl tulle and ribbon wreath!


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