DIY eucalyptus on the wall

Last year my favorite Christmas decoration was made of eucalyptus – do you remember the garland? It hung almost until May because eucalyptus is wonderful to dry. This year I tried the trendy wreaths that can be seen all over the social media channels. For a long time I looked for such a ring and then I just decided to ask in the flower shop. And lo and behold, the dear saleswoman conjured you up from under the counter …

DIY DEKO – Make flowers from pompoms yourself. Tinker with wool and natural materials. Table decoration.

Candle light eucalyptus wreath in the window !! – HWIT BLOGG #Christmas window sill…

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Gift Ideas – Increase Her Christmas Positive Vibes in 2017

Spring Wreath Summer Wreath Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath | Etsy

Fall decoration trend 2017: white and golden pumpkins

Simple doityourself eucalyptus advent wreath in the fall trend colors. Winter magic in your apartment.

Wood-natural wreath gray star: wreath of pieces of bark, diameter 30 cm, decorated with gray metal star, balls, aluminum wire, asterisks, cones and ribbons handmade, decorated with branches, high-quality floristic material such as arizonica, tujen, box, eucalyptus Berries moss

Eucalyptus & More Wreath – Home Decor – Door Decor – Greenery Decor – Farmhouse Decor – Classic Wrea


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