Ann McMeekin Carrier on Instagram: “Day 15 of # pixdoes100daysofskillshare, with part 7 of @ denisehughesdesigns Watercolor fun – paint a floral wreath with birds. I am…"

Day 15 of # pixdoes100daysofskillshare with part 7 of @denisehughesdesigns Watercolor Fun – Paint a floral wreath with Birds class. I do this course in response to Little Bird's request in the #bringspring_challenge. I like the look of wreaths that I see on Instagram. But it is more difficult than it looks to make a good one. And the purpose of these 100 days was to learn. So I'm learning. By doing it. By damn things. And by changing what I'm going to do next. It's not in my comfort zone at all. But it's all good. # 10 minutes before the # Art # Watercolor # Wreath # Doodle # Floraldoodle # The 100 Day Project # 100 Day Project #

Floral wreath doodle #colorfuldoodle

Wreath leaves vector with ornaments design. Set collection of vintage ornament elements, hand drawn vector dividers. Doodle design elements. Decorative swirl dividers. , #AFF, #Set, #design, #Vintage,

Floral wreath doodle procreate flowers

Learn to paint with watercolor – Christmas mini painting instructions: Christmas wreath www.dorokaiser.on …

Laurel Wreath SVG, #AFFILIATE, # Silhouettes # Shape # Style # Doodle #Ad

Instagram on Instagram: “You can't go wrong with flower wreaths like this from VBWstudio !! ✨🌸🥰⠀ -⠀ Use the code & # 39; plantdoodles & # 39; at the checkout… "

Happy Friday ☺️🎨 – I was thinking about what you can paint, for example using my little tutorial – Lavender 💜, if you know how to paint …


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