58 ideas garden art installation ideas

58 ideas garden art installation ideas, #Garden #Ideas #Installation #Art

Last year my favorite Christmas decoration was made of eucalyptus – do you remember the garland? It hung almost until May because eucalyptus is wonderful to dry. This year I tried the trendy wreaths that can be seen all over the social media channels. For a long time I looked for such a ring and then I just decided to ask in the flower shop. And lo and behold, the dear saleswoman conjured you up from under the counter …

Floral Hoop Wreath, Blush Wreath, Wall Floral Hoop, Baby Shower Decor, #blush #dekor #dusche #floral #kranz Check more at

Eucalyptus fish communion confirmation door decoration for church celebrations. Christian fish wrapped in eucalyphtus and gypsophila. The fish is freshly made for you after receipt of the order. Since it is a handmade natural product, there may be small deviations from that

Modern and Minimal DIY Wreath Idea with Bells and Eucalyptus – 10 Holiday Inspired DIY Eucalyptus Wreaths for Thanksgiving and Christmas #christmas #christmasdecorations #eucalyptus #diy

Eucalyptus wreath

Eucalyptus wreath

#Wreath #Gold Modern Wreath Gold Hoop Wreath Wall Art Faux Silk Flower


Cercle en metal small Madam Stoltz. Diamètre: 20 cm / hauteur avec la corde: 41 cm. Matière: metal and corde. On décore ces suspensions rondes en métal d'une guirlande lumineuse ou d'eucalyptus pour une ambiance douce et chaleureuse.


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